/ (ˈnʌmdɑː) /

  1. a coarse felt made esp in India

  2. a saddle pad made from this

  1. an embroidered rug made from this

Origin of numdah

C19: from Urdu namdā
  • Also called (for senses 1, 2): numnah

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How to use numdah in a sentence

  • The skin of the klip springer, prepared with the hair on, forms an admirable numdah.

  • When put on, the numdah should be well pulled up into the arch of the saddle, particularly in front.

  • To these ordinary components of a side-saddle, a breast-plate and saddle cloth or numdah are sometimes added.

    The Horsewoman | Alice M. Hayes
  • A stout numdah of this kind can be used with a high withered animal, and a thin one with a horse which has thick withers.

    The Horsewoman | Alice M. Hayes
  • The term numdah or numnah, which is applied to felt saddle-cloths, is derived from a Hindustani word that signifies ‘felt.’

    The Horsewoman | Alice M. Hayes