[ noo-mer-uh-buhl, nyoo- ]

  1. capable of being counted, totaled, or numbered.

Origin of numerable

1560–70; <Latin numerābilis that can be counted, equivalent to numer(āre) to number + -ābilis-able

Other words from numerable

  • nu·mer·a·ble·ness, noun
  • nu·mer·a·bly, adverb

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How to use numerable in a sentence

  • Cricket clubs are perhaps numerable, though yearly increasing; but of the game itself there is no end.

    Town Life in Australia | R. E. N. (Richard) Twopeny
  • There were also commissions to purchase in numerable things, ranging from meerschaum pipes to fine flannel shirts.

  • Not among such innumerable islands and the other provinces, scarcely numerable, where you are not?

  • Jack says in a letter that his beard "was not composed of hair, but hairs as straight and numerable as those in a cat's whiskers."

    In the Days of Poor Richard | Irving Bacheller
  • On the decayed tree-trunks, too, there are little white columns in numerable, with black heads as though they had been burnt.

    Little Johannes | Frederik van Eeden

British Dictionary definitions for numerable


/ (ˈnjuːmərəbəl) /

  1. able to be numbered or counted

Derived forms of numerable

  • numerably, adverb

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