or nu·mer·ic

[noo-mer-i-kuh l or noo-mer-ik; nyoo-]


of or relating to numbers; of the nature of a number.
indicating a number: numerical symbols.
bearing or designated by a number.
expressed by numbers instead of letters: numerical cryptography; numerical equations.
of or relating to one's skill at working with numbers, solving mathematical problems, etc.: tests for rating numerical aptitude.
Mathematics. absolute(def 12).

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Origin of numerical

1615–25; < Latin numer(us) number + -ical

Related formsnu·mer·i·cal·ly, adverbnu·mer·i·cal·ness, nounun·nu·mer·i·cal, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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of, relating to, or denoting a number or numbers
measured or expressed in numbersnumerical value
  1. containing or using constants, coefficients, terms, or elements represented by numbers3x² + 4y = 2 is a numerical equation Compare literal (def. 6)
  2. another word for absolute (def. 11a)
Derived Formsnumerically, adverb

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Word Origin and History for numerical



1620s, from Latin numerus "a number" (see number (n.)) + suffix -ical. Perhaps by influence of French numérique "of a number or numbers." Related: Numerically.

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