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[noo-muh-nuh, nyoo-]
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  1. plural of numen.
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[noo-min, nyoo-]
noun, plural nu·mi·na [noo-muh-nuh, nyoo-] /ˈnu mə nə, ˈnyu-/.
  1. divine power or spirit; a deity, especially one presiding locally or believed to inhabit a particular object.
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Origin of numen

1620–30; < Latin nūmen a nod, command, divine will or power, divinity; akin to nūtāre to nod the head in commanding or assent
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Related Words for numina

accomplishment, endowment, ability, acquirement, bent, attribute, set, capacity, genius, propensity, head, power, specialty, attainment, faculty, instinct, forte, knack, aptness, capability

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Historical Examples of numina

  • The gods are nomina and not numina, names without being and not beings without name.

    The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life

    Emile Durkheim

  • Within the family every act, every relation, was matter of religion; the numina had to be considered in regard to it.

  • Somnia qua mentes ludunt volitantibus umbris,Non delumbra deum nec ab there numina mittunt,Sed sibi quisque facit.

    A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 9 (of 10)

    Franois-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)

  • The ideas are simpler, the numina seem less cold and more protective, the worshippers more sensible of divine aid.

British Dictionary definitions for numina


  1. the plural of numen
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noun plural -mina (-mɪnə)
  1. (esp in ancient Roman religion) a deity or spirit presiding over a thing or place
  2. a guiding principle, force, or spirit
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Word Origin for numen

C17: from Latin: a nod (indicating a command), divine power; compare nuere to nod
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Word Origin and History for numina



"divine spirit, presiding divinity," 1620s, from Latin numen "divine will, divinity," literally "a nod," from nuere "to nod" (assent); see numinous.

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