abbreviation for

  1. National Union of Students

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Example Sentences

The specific financial and contractual terms of the Yale-NUS agreement have not been made public.

As for political groups,” he told The Daily Beast, students at Yale-NUS can expect “heavy restrictions.

Would a Yale-NUS student or teacher be allowed to invite a political dissident like Chee Soon Juan to campus?

According to a university spokeswoman, Yale-NUS students will not receive Yale degrees.

And G. Leonard Baker served as an adviser to the NUS Investment Committee.

Alumnus, al-um′nus, n. one educated at a college is called an alumnus of it:—pl.

Prion lui donc merci seurement se diable nus uout enconbrer .

Quirinus, kwi-rī′nus, n. an Italic divinity identified with the deified Romulus.

Quadrigeminous, kwod-ri-jem′i-nus, adj. fourfold, having four similar parts.

Rhamnus, ram′nus, n. a genus of polypetalous shrubs and trees, including the buckthorn.





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