[ nuht-meg ]
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  1. the hard, aromatic seed of the fruit of an East Indian tree, Myristica fragrans, used in grated form as a spice.

  2. the similar product of certain other trees of the same genus or other genera.

  1. a tree bearing such seeds.

Origin of nutmeg

1300–50; Middle English notemug(g)e, perhaps back formation from *notemugede (-ede being taken as -ed3), equivalent to notenut + mugede<Old French <Late Latin muscāta musky; see musk, -ate1

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  • nutmegged, adjective

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/ (ˈnʌtmɛɡ) /

  1. an East Indian evergreen tree, Myristica fragrans, cultivated in the tropics for its hard aromatic seed: family Myristicaceae: See also mace 2

  2. the seed of this tree, used as a spice

  1. any of several similar trees or their fruit

  2. a greyish-brown colour

verb-megs, -megging or -megged (tr)
  1. British sport informal to kick or hit the ball between the legs of (an opposing player)

Origin of nutmeg

C13: from Old French nois muguede, from Old Provençal noz muscada musk-scented nut, from Latin nux nut + muscus musk

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