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[ nuht-ee ]


, nut·ti·er, nut·ti·est.
  1. abounding in or producing nuts.
  2. nutlike, especially in flavor.
  3. Slang.
    1. silly or ridiculous:

      a nutty suggestion.

    2. eccentric; queer.
    3. very or excessively interested, excited, or the like:

      He's nutty about Mexican food.

  4. full of flavor or zest; lively; stimulating; meaty:

    He offered several rich, nutty ideas on the subject.


/ ˈnʌtɪ /


  1. containing or abounding in nuts
  2. resembling nuts, esp in taste
  3. a slang word for insane
  4. informal.
    foll byover or about extremely fond (of) or enthusiastic (about)

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Derived Forms

  • ˈnuttiness, noun
  • ˈnuttily, adverb

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Other Words From

  • nutti·ly adverb
  • nutti·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of nutty1

First recorded in 1655–65; nut + -y 1

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Example Sentences

They don’t taste like meat, but they can be crunchy and a little nutty tasting.

Their subtly sweet and nutty flavor pairs well with fruit, nuts, other grains, warm spices and herbs.

Almond flour is flavorful, making it a great option for a dense, nutty cake or a sweet quickbread.

It was rich, nutty, and thrillingly salty—nothing like the bland manchego I’d tried in the States.

Toasting the walnuts brings out a nuttier flavor and makes them crunchier.

Sure, there are some colorful English aristocrats still around, but is the age of the delightfully nutty toff at an end?

The Hakushu 12 was a little peaty and nutty, the kind of dram I want to unwind with after a fine restaurant meal.

Even without the excesses of the film festival, Cannes is a little nutty.

The buttery, nutty, and sweet and salty all work together to form a balance of flavors.

And so almost everything in Noah, as nutty as it might seem, has its roots in the actual text of the Bible.

The time passed along quickly; the coffee was excellent, the cigars soft and of the nutty flavour he loved.

Taste: Distinctly sweet and "nutty," slightly pungent when dry.

I didn't mean nothin', I was only kiddie' you—what's the use of gettin' nutty over a jest?

They's fer emp'rors and kings t' set up in their palaces, an' men goes nutty jes' hankerin' fer 'em.

The old man's been nutty for some time, and had it in for me ever since we had trouble at the corral over that cow.





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