[ nim-fee-ey-shuh s ]
/ ˌnɪm fiˈeɪ ʃəs /


belonging to the Nymphaeaceae, the water lily family of plants.

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Origin of nymphaeaceous

< New Latin Nymphaeace(ae) (Nymphae(a) the type genus (Latin: the water lily (< Greek nymphaîa, noun use of feminine of nymphaîos, sacred to the nymphs; see nymphaeum)) + -aceae -aceae) + -ous
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British Dictionary definitions for nymphaeaceous

/ (ˌnɪmfɪˈeɪʃəs) /


of, relating to, or belonging to the Nymphaeaceae, a family of plants, including the water lilies, that grow in water or marshes and have typically floating leaves and showy flowers

Word Origin for nymphaeaceous

from New Latin, from Latin nymphaea water lily, ultimately from Greek numphaios sacred to nymphs
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