[ oh-hair-uh, oh-har-uh ]

  1. Frank, 1926–66, U.S. poet.

  2. John (Henry), 1905–70, U.S. journalist, novelist, short-story writer, and scenarist.

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How to use O'Hara in a sentence

  • Thou art beyond the foremost of male beings, thou art the highest, thou art the subtlest, O Hara!

  • "There is nothing to forgive, O Hara San," he said awkwardly, and as she sought to go this time he did not keep her.

  • "O Hara San," he whispered, and the whisper seemed to echo mockingly from the empty room.

  • He staggered to his feet and stood a moment holding his head in his hands and the thought of O Hara San persisted urgently.

  • "Little O Hara San," he said gently as she pressed closer to him.