[ awrz, ohrz ]


, Nautical.
  1. (used as a command to the crew of a scull or other similar boat to cease rowing and hold the oars horizontal with blades feathered.)

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Example Sentences

The turbulent waters caused one of his oars to crack, which—without a motor or a sail—can be severely detrimental to his voyage.

Near the banks, the water is shallow and her palm frond oars propel her.

It is clear to you that she intends to use the staves as oars.

Knife and fork push against one another rhythmically on the plate, like oars on a boat.

We steadied the boat with the oars, and I thought we were doing real good.

They were provided with sails and twelve oars each, and a falconet, or small brass cannon.

About the same time it was discovered that the boats had neither oars, nor rudders, nor supplies of food.

The boatmen sang in deep and almost tragic voices as they plied the enormous oars.

The six men pulled with a long stroke, their oars dipping along the surface of the sea as they feathered them.

When they did at length break silence, it was in short interjectional remarks, as they resumed the oars.