[ ohst ]
/ oʊst /

noun Chiefly British.

a kiln for drying hops or malt.


Origin of oast

before 1050; Middle English ost, Old English āst; cognate with Dutch eest
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Examples from the Web for oast

  • Then, on the other side of the moat there is the farm, with barns and oast houses and stables, or things like that.

  • Good my Oast, lend me a pen and inke, for straightway I will write a letter vnto the poore man, and something I will give him.

  • Say, one of you,” cried Joey, “go and lay that old bed out in the oast—one I had last year for kiln-watching.

    The Queen's Scarlet|George Manville Fenn

British Dictionary definitions for oast


/ (əʊst) /

noun mainly British

a kiln for drying hops
Also called: oast house a building containing such kilns, usually having a conical or pyramidal roof

Word Origin for oast

Old English āst; related to Old Norse eisa fire
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