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see feel one's oats ; sow one's wild oats .

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Example Sentences

Oatmeal is made with extra-thick-cut Snoqualmie Falls oats, which pack a deep-roasted flavor.

In their unadulterated form, oats are pretty much free of simple sugars.

Call them Trojan horse foods: nutritiously pleasing ingredients (oats, yogurts) that conceal a whole host of junk.

In love, you retire a passive role and sow some predatory oats.

Stir in the oats, nuts, coconut, and the flour mixture, do not overmix.

The writer, who knew Oats, has heard him tell similar stories of the rival engineers.

Oats, Captain Trevithick's head boiler-maker, was constructing the boilers; Woolf came into the yard, and examined them.

It has been obtained for chemical examination, principally from peas and beans, and from the almond and oats.

She rubbed down the pony, gave him his oats and a warm bed, and returned with a sadder heart to the house than when she left it.

Peruvian guano is most advantageously applied as a top-dressing to young corn and particularly to oats.


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