[ uhb-skyoor-uhnt ]

  1. a person who strives to prevent the increase and spread of knowledge.

  2. a person who obscures.

  1. pertaining to or characteristic of obscurants.

  2. tending to make obscure.

Origin of obscurant

1790–1800; <Latin obscūrant- (stem of obscūrāns, present participle of obscūrāre), equivalent to obscūr(us) dark + -ant--ant

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How to use obscurant in a sentence

  • Overhead the ionic field was aglow, humming softly, beating back the obscurant mists.

    One Purple Hope! | Henry Hasse
  • Shun double-entendres, prurient jocosity, and pestiferous profanity, obscurant or apparent.

  • Whoever confessed his faith in the truths of the Bible was called an obscurant.

    Life of Luther | Gustav Just

British Dictionary definitions for obscurant


/ (əbˈskjʊərənt) /

  1. an opposer of reform and enlightenment

  1. of or relating to an obscurant

  2. causing obscurity

Derived forms of obscurant

  • obscurantism, noun
  • obscurantist, noun, adjective

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