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[ uhb-sest ]


  1. having an obsession (usually followed by with or by ):

    He is obsessed with eliminating guilt.

  2. having or displaying signs of an obsession:

    The audiophile entered the record store wearing an obsessed smile.

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Other Words From

  • self-ob·sessed adjective
  • unob·sessed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of obsessed1

First recorded in 1835–45; obsess + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

It’s a novel of two young men who meet at college and soon become obsessed with one another in different ways.

I became obsessed with Parray and his decision to leave his university career midway and join the militant ranks.

From Ozy

Hopefully, now you have a better idea about the addictive scrolling app that Gen Zers are so obsessed with.

What Phelps became obsessed with was what, exactly, leads to human flourishing, and how that translates to innovation and economic growth.

I became obsessed by the power of genomics to try and get to the answer of rare childhood diseases and cancer and other things.

He has wild swings between trying not to care about Lana and the baby, and being completely obsessed by it.

The clichés about football-obsessed husbands and frustrated wives are pretty heavy-handed.

As anybody who has seen his now famous rant on Parks and Recreation knows, Patton Oswalt can get a little obsessed.

Pitchfork called him a “a rap-obsessed misfit from a summer camp who freestyles poorly” who is “ridiculous without knowing it.”

Self-marriage is the ultimate brand extension of a self-obsessed, selfish populus.

Moreover, he was suddenly obsessed with the belief that if he had greatness in him England alone held its magnet.

When gradually she perceived the character of his obsessed resolution, she determined on a decisive step.

Ribbing87 contends that we must regard it as abnormal when a boy of thirteen or fourteen is obsessed (hanté) by erotic ideas.

In a state of mind quite different from that which had obsessed him on his way to the dinner, he arrived once more at the hôtel.

Any state obsessed by traditions of an aggressive foreign policy will be difficult to assimilate into a world combination.


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