obstacle course


  1. a military training area having obstacles, as hurdles, ditches, and walls, that must be surmounted or crossed in succession.
  2. Informal. an event, situation, course of action, or the like that presents many challenges or difficulties.

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Example Sentences

I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls from people who are eligible, and are going through an obstacle course trying to get the vaccine.

A common example is the digital obstacle course that springs up when you try to nix an online account or subscription, such as for streaming TV, asking you repeatedly if you really want to cancel.

While finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman navigates the obstacle course between fiscal deficit and economic stimulus, her announcements for India’s healthcare sector will be closely watched.

From Quartz

Making obstacle courses, scavenger hunts … getting outdoors and exercising.

When Davis was struggling with ideas for how to keep his son occupied when playgrounds were closed, one of the other dads in the group suggested an obstacle course of pillows for his son to run through.

Just getting to Malibu Colony has become an obstacle course.

Renting an apartment in New York often resembles an obstacle course.

The Olympics, it predicts, “will be an arduous obstacle course for everyone.”

The roads and walkways leading to the court complex are a winding obstacle course littered with crash-resistant barriers.

We were still required to do all the runs and PT (calisthenics, obstacle course, and so on).

The obstacle course was about a mile long through woods, gullies and across water.





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