or ob·tect·ed

[ ob-tekt or ob-tek-tid ]
/ ɒbˈtɛkt or ɒbˈtɛk tɪd /


(of a pupa) having the antennae, legs, and wings glued to the surface of the body.

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Compare exarate.

Origin of obtect

1810–20; < Latin obtēctus (past participle of obtegere, variant of obtigere to cover over), equivalent to ob- ob- + teg(ere) to cover (see thatch, toga) + -tus past participle suffix

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Examples from the Web for obtect

  • Consequently the obtect pupa, as this type is called, does not resemble its imago as fully as a free pupa does.

    The Life-Story of Insects|Geo. H. Carpenter

British Dictionary definitions for obtect


/ (ɒbˈtɛkt) /


(of a pupa) encased in a hardened secretion so that the wings, legs, etc, are held immovably to the body, as in butterfliesAlso: obtected

Word Origin for obtect

C19: from Latin obtectus covered, past participle of obtegere, from ob- (intensive) + tegere to cover

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