[ uhb-trood ]
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verb (used with object),ob·trud·ed, ob·trud·ing.
  1. to thrust (something) forward or upon a person, especially without warrant or invitation: to obtrude one's opinions upon others.

  2. to thrust forth; push out.

verb (used without object),ob·trud·ed, ob·trud·ing.
  1. to thrust forward, especially unduly; intrude.

Origin of obtrude

1545–55; <Latin obtrūdere to thrust against, equivalent to ob-ob- + trūdere to thrust

Other words for obtrude

Other words from obtrude

  • ob·trud·er, noun
  • pre·ob·trude, verb (used with object), pre·ob·trud·ed, pre·ob·trud·ing.
  • un·ob·trud·ed, adjective
  • un·ob·trud·ing, adjective

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How to use obtrude in a sentence

  • But the same boat carried Walter Fetherston, who took infinite care not to obtrude himself upon their attention.

    The Doctor of Pimlico | William Le Queux
  • At last, she asked Mr. Balfour if she could have the liberty to obtrude a matter of business upon him.

    Sevenoaks | J. G. Holland
  • Having fixed his residence near her for some lengthy time he felt in no hurry to obtrude his presence just now, and went indoors.

    The Well-Beloved | Thomas Hardy
  • Her own were very neat and small, and she knew that they must obtrude themselves on the eye while she lay prone.

    Hyacinth | George A. Birmingham
  • I came to wait upon my Father—to humble myself at his feet—not to obtrude myself upon my Mother!

    Camilla | Fanny Burney

British Dictionary definitions for obtrude


/ (əbˈtruːd) /

  1. to push (oneself, one's opinions, etc) on others in an unwelcome way

  2. (tr) to push out or forward

Origin of obtrude

C16: from Latin obtrūdere, from ob- against + trūdere to push forward

Derived forms of obtrude

  • obtruder, noun
  • obtrusion (əbˈtruːʒən), noun

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