/ (ˈɒbvɪəslɪ) /

  1. in a way that is easy to see or understand; evidently

  2. without subtlety

  1. (sentence modifier) it is obvious that; clearly: obviously not everyone wants a bank account

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How to use obviously in a sentence

  • obviously a tremendous question arises here as to how a story should be found in Genesis xiv.

    Solomon and Solomonic Literature | Moncure Daniel Conway
  • For Lettice—the tender woman of his first acquaintance—had obviously experienced a moment of reaction.

    The Wave | Algernon Blackwood
  • Beside autocratic kingship it shines with a white light; it is obviously the portal of the future.

  • This paper was noted here and there on the margin, and had been obviously carefully read.

    Checkmate | Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  • The reasons for its adoption were, and are, still obviously wise, although not necessitous.

    Antonio Stradivari | Horace William Petherick