ocean greyhound

  1. a fast ship, esp a liner

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How to use ocean greyhound in a sentence

  • A "cablegram," or even an ocean greyhound, could have saved the lives of many brave men.

  • The impression that the surprising presence of the ocean greyhound made upon Frederick was in a fortissimo scale.

    Atlantis | Gerhart Hauptmann
  • Steadily the ocean greyhound plowed its way through the dark swells of the Atlantic.

    Sons and Fathers | Harry Stillwell Edwards
  • The wind was shouting through our rigging, the Mary Rebecca was half over on her side and rushing ahead like an ocean greyhound.

  • The engines of a large ocean greyhound of 35,000 horse-power, running constantly from port to port, equal to three relays of Pg.

    James Watt | Andrew Carnegie