[ oh-shee-an-ik ]
/ ˌoʊ ʃiˈæn ɪk /


of, living in, or produced by the ocean: oceanic currents.
of or relating to the region of water lying above the bathyal, abyssal, and hadal zones of the sea bottom.Compare neritic, pelagic.
immensely large; vast: an oceanic expanse of stars.
(initial capital letter) of or relating to Oceania, its peoples, or their languages.

Origin of oceanic

1650–60; < Medieval Latin ōceanicus, equivalent to Latin ōcean(us) ocean + -icus -ic


pre·o·ce·an·ic, adjectiveun·o·ce·an·ic, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for oceanic (1 of 2)

/ (ˌəʊʃɪˈænɪk) /


of or relating to the ocean
living in the depths of the ocean beyond the continental shelf at a depth exceeding 200 metresoceanic fauna
huge or overwhelming
(of geological formations) of volcanic origin, arising from the oceanoceanic islands

British Dictionary definitions for oceanic (2 of 2)

/ (ˌəʊʃɪˈænɪk) /


a branch, group, or subfamily of the Malayo-Polynesian family of languages, comprising Polynesian and Melanesian


of, relating to, or belonging to this group of languages
of or relating to Oceania
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Science definitions for oceanic

[ ō′shē-ănĭk ]

Relating to the ocean.
Relating to the ocean waters that lie beyond the continental shelf and exceed 200 m (656 ft) in depth. Compare neritic. See more at epipelagic zone.
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