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[oh-choh-uh; Spanish aw-chaw-ah]
  1. Se·ve·ro [suh-vair-oh; Spanish se-ve-raw] /səˈvɛər oʊ; Spanish sɛˈvɛ rɔ/, 1905–93, U.S. biochemist, born in Spain: Nobel Prize in medicine 1959.
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  • Ochoa promptly answered, “France,” and the man approached them only to receive a stunning blow upon the head.

    The Lily and the Totem

    William Gilmore Simms

  • Governor Ochoa was an intelligent, liberal-minded man and was much respected.

  • Ochoa, of Biscay, a man of wealth and distinction, died a natural death in Guaxaca.

  • Ochoa, a prominent critic of the day, ratified the popular judgment, and hopefully proclaimed the writer to be a rival of Scott.

ochoa in Medicine


(ō-chōə)Severo 1905-1993
  1. Spanish-born American biochemist. He shared a 1959 Nobel Prize for work on the biological synthesis of nucleic acids.
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ochoa in Science


  1. Spanish-born American geneticist who in 1955 discovered an enzyme that was used in the first synthesis of artificial RNA. For this work he shared with Arthur Kornberg the 1959 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine.
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