noun, genitive Oc·tan·tis [ok-tan-tis] /ɒkˈtæn tɪs/. Astronomy.

the Octant, a southern constellation that contains the south celestial pole.

Origin of Octans

< Late Latin: eighth part of a circle, equivalent to oct- oct- + -āns, as in quadrāns quadrant


[ok-tuh n]


(of a fever) occurring every eighth day.


an octan fever.

Origin of octan

1895–1900; < French octane, Middle French octaine, derivative of Latin octō eight, on the model of quartaine quartan
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British Dictionary definitions for octans


noun Latin genitive Octantis (ɒkˈtæntɪs)

a faint constellation in the S hemisphere in which the S celestial pole is situated
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octans in Medicine




Occurring every eighth day. Used of a recurring fever.
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