[ ok-tuhnt ]

  1. the eighth part of a circle.

  2. Mathematics. any of the eight parts into which three mutually perpendicular planes divide space.

  1. an instrument having an arc of 24°, used by navigators for measuring angles up to 90°.

  2. the position of one heavenly body when 45° distant from another.

  3. Octant, Astronomy. the constellation Octans.

Origin of octant

First recorded in 1680–90; from Latin octant- (stem of octāns ); see Octans

Other words from octant

  • oc·tan·tal [ok-tan-tl], /ɒkˈtæn tl/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for octant


/ (ˈɒktənt) /

  1. maths

    • any of the eight parts into which the three planes containing the Cartesian coordinate axes divide space

    • an eighth part of a circle

  2. astronomy the position of a celestial body when it is at an angular distance of 45° from another body

  1. an instrument used for measuring angles, similar to a sextant but having a graduated arc of 45°

Origin of octant

C17: from Latin octans half quadrant, from octo eight

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