[ok-tuh-juh-nair-ee-uh n]

adjective Also oc·tog·e·nar·y [ok-toj-uh-ner-ee] /ɒkˈtɒdʒ əˌnɛr i/.

of the age of 80 years.
between 80 and 90 years old.


a person who is between 80 and 90 years old.

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Origin of octogenarian

1805–15; < Latin octōgēnāri(us) comprising eighty, eighty years old (equivalent to octōgēn(ī) eighty each + -ārius -ary) + -an

Related formsoc·to·ge·nar·i·an·ism, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for octogenarian


less commonly octogenary (ɒkˈtɒdʒɪnərɪ)

noun plural -narians or -naries

a person who is from 80 to 89 years old


of or relating to an octogenarian

Word Origin for octogenarian

C19: from Latin octōgēnārius containing eighty, from octōgēnī eighty each

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Word Origin and History for octogenarian



1789, with -an + French octogénaire "aged 80," from Latin octogenarius "containing eighty," from octogeni "eighty each," related to octoginta "eighty," from octo "eight" (see eight) + -genaria "ten times," from PIE *dkm-ta-, from *dekm- "ten" (see ten). As an adjective from 1784.

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Medicine definitions for octogenarian




Being between 80 and 90 years of age.


A person between 80 and 90 years of age.

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