[ok-too-puh l, -tyoo-; ok-too-puh l, -tyoo-]
verb (used with object), oc·tu·pled, oc·tu·pling.
  1. to make eight times as great.
  1. Rowing. a shell rowed by a crew of eight, each rower using a pair of oars.

Origin of octuple

1595–1605; < Latin octuplus, equivalent to octu-, variant (before labials) of octō- octo- + -plus -fold
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  1. a quantity or number eight times as great as another
  1. eight times as much or as many
  2. consisting of eight parts
  1. (tr) to multiply by eight

Word Origin for octuple

C17: from Latin octuplus, from octo eight + -plus as in duplus double
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Word Origin and History for octuple

"eightfold," c.1600, from Latin octuplus "eightfgold," from octo "eight" (see octo-) + -plus "-fold" (see plus).

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