[ok-too-puh l, -tyoo-; ok-too-puh l, -tyoo-]


eightfold; eight times as great.
having eight effective units or elements.

verb (used with object), oc·tu·pled, oc·tu·pling.

to make eight times as great.


Rowing. a shell rowed by a crew of eight, each rower using a pair of oars.

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Origin of octuple

1595–1605; < Latin octuplus, equivalent to octu-, variant (before labials) of octō- octo- + -plus -fold

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a quantity or number eight times as great as another


eight times as much or as many
consisting of eight parts


(tr) to multiply by eight

Word Origin for octuple

C17: from Latin octuplus, from octo eight + -plus as in duplus double

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Word Origin and History for octuple



"eightfold," c.1600, from Latin octuplus "eightfgold," from octo "eight" (see octo-) + -plus "-fold" (see plus).

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