[ oh-don-tuh-fawr, -fohr ]
/ oʊˈdɒn təˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr /
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noun Zoology.

a structure in the mouth of most mollusks over which the radula is drawn backward and forward in the process of breaking up food.



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Origin of odontophore

First recorded in 1865–70, odontophore is from the Greek word odontophóros bearing teeth. See odonto-, -phore

OTHER WORDS FROM odontophore

o·don·toph·o·ral [oh-don-tof-er-uhl], /ˌoʊ dɒnˈtɒf ər əl/, o·don·toph·o·rine [oh-don-tof-uh-rahyn, -er-in], /ˌoʊ dɒnˈtɒf əˌraɪn, -ər ɪn/, o·don·toph·or·ous, adjective
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Example sentences from the Web for odontophore

  • Lingual ribbon: The chitinous band of teeth, or rasp, borne upon the odontophore; the radula.

    The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide|Augusta Foote Arnold

British Dictionary definitions for odontophore

/ (ɒˈdɒntəˌfɔː) /


an oral muscular protrusible structure in molluscs that supports the radula

Derived forms of odontophore

odontophoral (ˌɒdɒnˈtɒfərəl) or odontophorous, adjective
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