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off chance

off chance


  1. a slight possibility
  2. on the off chance
    on the off chance with the hope

    on the off chance of getting the job

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Example Sentences

That said, there is an off chance that the Court will dismiss this case.

From Vox

In the off chance it needs a little extra juice due to heavy use or lots of time spent in the dark, a USB-C port on the bottom provides another charging option.

Miller also packed a gym bag with an extra set of clothes to bring to the Pentagon, on the off chance the situation spiraled out of control.

On the off chance that rationality might for once defeat conspiracy theorizing, here’s my bid for the $10,000.

Sure, I had a mask, but it stayed in my pocket on the off chance that I ran into another human being, though I was more likely to spot a deer.

From Eater

In other words, a Palestinian from Susya could, hypothetically, apply for a permit on the 5% off-chance that it will be accepted.

Do not rashly abandon your career on the railway on the off-chance of a vocal Bonanza.

The red and white were close together, and I went up the table and down again, on the off-chance of a cannon.

But the off-chance of these things was too remote to meet his present needs.

But it was just the off-chance of something happening that irritated him.

You and I will wait up there in the hills on the off-chance of picking up some news.


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