off colour

adjective(off-colour when prenominal)
  1. mainly British slightly ill; unwell

  2. indecent or indelicate; risqué

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How to use off colour in a sentence

  • A bit of diamond bort, or even a clear though off-colour stone, may be employed.

    On Laboratory Arts | Richard Threlfall
  • According to digger parlance it was “off-colour,” and, therefore, not excessively valuable.

    Six Months at the Cape | R.M. Ballantyne
  • But most astonishing of all was a large off-colour diamond set in a ring, through which he ran the ends of his scarf.

    Gold | Stewart White
  • I don't want any of your off-colour stuff from the Drones' smoking-room.

    Right Ho, Jeeves | P. G. Wodehouse