or off grid

[ awf-grid, of‐ ]

adjective, adverb
  1. not connected to or using one or more public utilities, as for electricity or water: Well over a billion people live in off-grid areas.Our farm is off grid and works on solar panels.

  2. not connected to or using one or more public communications networks, as for cellular service:They live off grid with no internet access.

  1. not having communication with the outside world; not participating in society:I sometimes fantasize about a solitary, off-grid life, far away from humanity.

Origin of off-grid

First recorded in 1975–80
  • Also off-the-grid, off the grid [awf-thuh-grid, of‐] /ˈɔf ðəˌgrɪd, ˈɒf‐/ .

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British Dictionary definitions for off-grid


  1. not involving or requiring the use of mainstream sources of energy

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