[ uh-fens, aw-fens, of-ens ]

  1. variant of offense.

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How to use offence in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for offence


US offense

/ (əˈfɛns) /

  1. a violation or breach of a law, custom, rule, etc

    • any public wrong or crime

    • a nonindictable crime punishable on summary conviction

  1. annoyance, displeasure, or resentment

  2. give offence or give offence to someone to cause annoyance or displeasure to someone

  3. take offence to feel injured, humiliated, or offended

  4. a source of annoyance, displeasure, or anger

  5. attack; assault

  6. archaic injury or harm

  7. the offense (ˈɒfɛns) American football

    • the team that has possession of the ball

    • the members of a team that play in such circumstances

Derived forms of offence

  • offenceless or US offenseless, adjective

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