[ aw-fer, of-er ]
/ ˈɔ fər, ˈɒf ər /

verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)


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Origin of offer

before 900; Middle English offren, Old English offrian to present in worship < Latin offerre, equivalent to of- of- + ferre to bring, bear1

1. Offer, proffer, tender mean to present for acceptance or refusal. Offer is a common word in general use for presenting something to be accepted or rejected: to offer assistance. Proffer, with the same meaning, is now chiefly a literary word: to proffer one's services. Tender (no longer used in reference to concrete objects) is a ceremonious term for a more or less formal or conventional act: to tender one's resignation. 2. give, move, propose.

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/ (ˈɒfə) /



Derived Formsofferer or offeror, noun

Word Origin for offer

Old English, from Latin offerre to present, from ob- to + ferre to bring


/ (ˈɒfə) /

n acronym for (formerly, in Britain)

Office of Electricity Regulation: merged with Ofgas in 1999 to form Ofgem
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