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/ əˈfɪʃəlɪ /


  1. in a formal or authoritative manner

    the Queen officially opened the dome

  2. in a way that is formally acknowledged but is not necessarily the case

    officially on the dole but actually holding a job

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Example Sentences

Lee and Coogan did briefly meet with the pope, with pictures to prove it, but no one at the Vatican officially screened the film.

After a successful summer working alongside R, he officially offered her the reigns of La Domaine.

Kulash moved out to Chicago to be with them and OK Go was officially born.

More, Queen B officially became the most Grammy-nominated woman of all time.

The borough officially became the least affordable place to live in America.

While it was not officially announced as a race, it was a close run all the way over.

She was officially placed in commission with Old Glory flying proudly at her flagstaff on the 5th day of May, 1919.

Every confounded captain in the Force will have to view them officially; they wouldn't take our word for their being dead.

In short, insurgency ceased to be a valid plea; if it existed in fact, officially it had become a dead letter.

They have no nationality, and are officially described as “Filipinos under the protection of the United States.”


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