or off-line, off line

[ awf-lahyn, of- ]
/ ˈɔfˈlaɪn, ˈɒf- /


Computers. operating independently of, or disconnected from, an associated computer.
Radio. (of a network) not supplying affiliated stations with programming but allowing each station to program its own shows, usually within a specific format.
Television. of or relating to the preliminary planning and editing of a videotaped program.
located in or serving a place not on a regular route of a railroad, bus, or air carrier: an offline ticket office.


in or to a more private place: We should take this discussion offline.

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Compare online.

Origin of offline

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/ (ˈɒfˌlaɪn) /


of, relating to, or concerned with a part of a computer system not connected to the central processing unit but controlled by a computer storage deviceSee online
disconnected from a computer; switched off
extra to or not involving a continuous sequence of operations, such as a production line
radio television (of processes, such as editing) not carried out on the actual transmission medium


while not connected to a computer or the internet
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