oiled silk

/ (ɔɪld) /


silk treated with oil to make it waterproof

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Examples from the Web for oiled silk

  • But the philosophic calm departed with a frantic leap when Shifaz reported Johnson's inspection of the oiled-silk pouch.

    Insidekick|Jesse Franklin Bone
  • But stop one minute, I must have a glass of cider; my throat is glued together like the oiled-silk of Hulot's best hat.

    The Chouans|Honore de Balzac
  • This is entirely covered with wax paper or oiled-silk, and held in place by a binder.

    The Mother and Her Child|William S. Sadler
  • A number of items cascaded out of hidden pockets, among which was an oiled-silk pouch.

    Insidekick|Jesse Franklin Bone