[ oi-nok-oh-ee ]
/ ɔɪˈnɒk oʊˌi /

noun, plural oi·noch·o·es, oi·noch·o·ai [oi-nok-oh-ahy] /ɔɪˈnɒk oʊˌaɪ/. Greek and Roman Antiquity.

a wine pitcher or jug, characterized by a curved handle extending from the lip to the shoulder, and a round or trefoil mouth.

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Also oenochoe.

Origin of oinochoe

1870–75; < Greek oinochóē wine jug, equivalent to oîno(s) wine + choḗ a pouring, liquid offering (derivative of cheîn to pour)

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Examples from the Web for oinochoe

  • The oinochoe was used in serving the guests from the krater.

    The Ceramic Art|Jennie J. Young