[ oh-jib-wey, -wuh ]

noun,plural O·jib·wes, (especially collectively) O·jib·we for 1.
  1. a member of a large tribe of North American Indians found in Canada and the United States, principally in the region around Lakes Huron and Superior but extending as far west as Saskatchewan and North Dakota.

  2. Also called O·jib·wem·o·win [oh-jib-wem-uh-wen; English oh-jib-wem-uh-wen] /oʊˌdʒɪb wɛm əˈwɛn; English oʊˌdʒɪbˈwɛm ə wɛn/ . an Algonquian language used by the Ojibwe, Algonquin, and Ottawa peoples.

  1. of or relating to the Ojibwe or their language.

Origin of Ojibwe

An Americanism dating back to 1665–75; from Ojibwe očipwe·, a self-designation of uncertain meaning]
  • Also called A·ni·shi·naa·be [uh-nish-uh-nah-be; English uh-nish-uh-nah-bee], /əˌnɪʃ əˌnɑˈbɛ; English əˌnɪʃ əˈnɑˌbi/, Chip·pe·wa [chip-uh-wah, -wey, -wuh] /ˈtʃɪp əˌwɑ, -ˌweɪ, -wə/ .
  • Also O·jib·wa, O·jib·way .

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