Olav V

or O·laf V

[oo-lahf, English oh-luh f, oh-luh v]

Olaf I

or O·lav I

[oo-lahf; English oh-luh f, oh-luh v]
  1. Olaf Tryggvessön, a.d. 969–1000, king of Norway 995–1000.

Olaf II

or Olav II

  1. SaintOlaf Haraldssön, a.d. 995–1030, king of Norway from 1016 to 1029; patron saint of Norway.
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  • Olaf Breuning, for instance, had designed a limited edition label for the Grolsch beer bottle.

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    Anthony Haden-Guest

    December 10, 2009

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British Dictionary definitions for olaf

Olaf I

Olav I (ˈəʊləv)

  1. known as Olaf Tryggvesson. ?965–?1000 ad, king of Norway (995–?1000). He began the conversion of Norway to Christianity

Olaf II

Olav II

  1. Saint. 995–1030 ad, king of Norway (1015–28), who worked to complete the conversion of Norway to Christianity; deposed by Canute; patron saint of Norway. Feast day: July 29
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Word Origin and History for olaf


masc. proper name, from Old Norse An-leifr, literally "ancestor's relic;" first element related to Old High German ano "ancestor;" second element related to Old English læfan "to leave" (see leave (v.)).

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