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Old English

  1. Also called Anglo-Saxon. the English language of a.d. c450–c1150. Abbreviation: OE
  2. Printing. a style of black letter.
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Anglian, OE

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  • The man who first said that it had had simply not learned his Old-English grammar.

    The Growth of the English Constitution

    Edward A. Freeman

  • The want of an introduction to the study of Old-English has long been felt.

  • The local legislation of the mark appears in the tunscipesmot,--a word which is simply Old-English for "town-meeting."

  • At this time of day I suppose it is hardly necessary to prove the elective character of Old-English kingship.

  • I went on the principle of altering the Old-English text no more than was actually necessary to make it intelligible.

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Old English

  1. Also called: Anglo-Saxon the English language from the time of the earliest settlements in the fifth century ad to about 1100. The main dialects were West Saxon (the chief literary form), Kentish, and AnglianAbbreviation: OE Compare Middle English, Modern English
  2. printing a Gothic typeface commonly used in England up until the 18th century
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Old English

The English language from the fifth century until about 1150. In the fifth century, the Angles and Saxons of Germany settled in Britain and established their language in the southern part of the island — the region that was called “Angle-land,” or “England.” After 1150, the Norman French language introduced after the Norman Conquest influenced Old English, and Middle English developed.

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Old English resembles the language spoken in Germany in the same period and is impossible for a present-day user of English to read without training. Beowulf is written in Old English.
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