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old money


  1. inherited wealth, especially wealth that confers status and social acceptance.
  2. a family or forebears possessing such wealth.

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  • old-money adjective

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Example Sentences

It’s full of the evidence of old money, but that money is gone now, and the house is crumbling.

From Vox

Beauty, fame, It Girl status, and old money (never new) all lubricate the entry process.

He never goes to Manhattan because Manhattan means old money, old values.

But “old money” is relative here, given that the Chinese-speaking world has no real ancien regime to speak of.

All the old money-bags who pile up fortunes magnify the importance of their money.

I had very pronounced journalistic notions of my own and applied them in every department of the sleepy old money-maker.

I was half a mind to look up the heirs of that old money-lender and buy their claim and begin their suit.

"To think of that old money bags," he was going to say, but pulled himself up in time.

It is clear that it was an urgent matter if the Countess also went herself to the old money lender.


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