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[ oh-lek-ruh-non, oh-li-krey-non ]
/ oʊˈlɛk rəˌnɒn, ˌoʊ lɪˈkreɪ nɒn /

noun Anatomy.

the part of the ulna beyond the elbow joint.

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Origin of olecranon

1720–30; < New Latin < Greek ōlékrānon point of the elbow, short for ōlenókrānon, equivalent to ōlén(ē) elbow + -o- -o- + krān(íon) head (see cranium) + -on neuter noun suffix
Related formso·lec·ra·nal [oh-lek-ruh-nl, oh-li-kreyn-l] /oʊˈlɛk rə nl, ˌoʊ lɪˈkreɪn l/, o·le·cra·ni·al, o·le·cra·ni·an, o·le·cra·ni·oid, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for olecranon


/ (əʊˈlɛkrəˌnɒn, ˌəʊlɪˈkreɪnən) /


anatomy the bony projection of the ulna behind the elbow joint
Derived Formsolecranal (əʊˈlɛkrənəl, ˌəʊlɪˈkreɪnəl), adjective

Word Origin for olecranon

C18: from Greek, shortened from ōlenokrānon, from ōlenē elbow + krānion head
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Medicine definitions for olecranon


[ ō-lĕkrə-nŏn′ ]


The large process on the upper end of the ulna that projects behind the elbow joint and forms the point of the elbow.
Related formso•lecra•nal (-nəl) null null adj.
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