any of various annelids of the family Oligochaeta, including earthworms and certain small, freshwater species, having locomotory setae sunk directly in the body wall.

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Origin of oligochaete

1875–80; < New Latin Oligochaeta; see oligo-, chaeta

Related formsol·i·go·chae·tous, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for oligochaete



any freshwater or terrestrial annelid worm of the class Oligochaeta, having bristles (chaetae) borne singly along the length of the body: includes the earthworms


of, relating to, or belonging to the class Oligochaeta

Word Origin for oligochaete

C19: from New Latin; see oligo-, chaeta

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Science definitions for oligochaete


oligochete (ŏlĭ-gō-kēt′, ōlĭ-)

Any of various annelid worms of the class Oligochaeta. Oligochaetes, unlike polychaetes, have relatively few bristles (called setae) along the body, and often have a thickened, ringlike region (called a clitellum) that secretes a substance used for enclosing eggs in a cocoon. Oligochaetes include the earthworms and a few small freshwater forms. Compare polychaete.
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