/ (ˈɒlə) /

  1. Northern English dialect waste ground

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How to use oller in a sentence

  • "'oller, an' I'll be back afore yer can say 'knife' an' do fer yer," whispered the man again.

  • The Bellair folks217 will beat us 'oller; every one o' their blooming hentries is as fit as fiddles.

    Horses Nine | Sewell Ford
  • Then another'n bursts an' I 'ears a man 'oller out—krikey, 'e didn't 'alf scream.

    Combed Out | Fritz August Voigt
  • Well, there's plenty o' that sort about; and you can allus tell 'em by the 'oller sound as they makes.

    Mad Shepherds | L. P. Jacks
  • They don't mind it partickler; you'd 'ear 'em 'oller fast enough if they did.