[ uh-lim-pee-uh, oh-lim- ]
/ əˈlɪm pi ə, oʊˈlɪm- /
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a plain in ancient Elis, Greece, where the ancient Olympic Games were held.
a city in and the capital of Washington, in the W part, on Puget Sound.
(sometimes lowercase)Also called Olympia oyster. a common oyster, Ostrea lurida, of the Pacific coast of North America.
a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “of Olympus.”



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/ (əˈlɪmpɪə) /


a plain in Greece, in the NW Peloponnese: in ancient times a major sanctuary of Zeus and site of the original Olympic Games
a port in W Washington, the state capital, on Puget Sound. Pop: 43 963 (2003 est)
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