[ uh-lim-puhs, oh-lim- ]


  1. Mount, a mountain in NE Greece, on the boundary between Thessaly and Macedonia: mythical abode of the greater Grecian gods. 9,730 feet (2,966 meters).
  2. a mountain in NW Washington: highest peak of the Olympic Mountains. 7,954 feet (2,424 meters).


/ əʊˈlɪmpəs /


  1. Mount Olympus
    Mount Olympus a mountain in NE Greece: the highest mountain in Greece, believed in Greek mythology to be the dwelling place of the greater gods. Height: 2911 m (9550 ft) Modern Greek nameÓlimbos
  2. Mount Olympus
    Mount Olympus a mountain in NW Washington: highest peak of the Olympic Mountains. Height: 2427 m (7965 ft)
  3. See heaven
    a poetic word for heaven

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Example Sentences

Olympus’ long and storied history of making cameras came to an end late last year when its imaging division was sold off to Japan Industrial Partners and rebranded as OM Digital Solutions.

She handed the keys of Olympus to her favorite grandchild Zeus, and wished him the best of luck.

Olympus photographers Brooke Bartleson and Lee Hoy, both wildlife specialists with decades of experience between them, are here to help.

To help you crack the action-shot code, we asked a handful of Olympus photographers for their best advice.

To help you master those fundamentals, we caught up with five Olympus photographers for their best tips.

Du Maurier was one of the great names of British theatre, she regarded ‘a summons’ from him to be a ‘bugle call from Olympus.’

Mount Olympus has enough snow for skiers for three or four months of the year.

For its own part, KPMG missed a $1.7 billion accounting scandal at Japanese company Olympus.

Then Declan tried to capture Venus in the frame of our borrowed Olympus hand-held camera.

Seeing the luggage piled “Olympus high,” so as to occasion an alarming oscillation.

And during that time they were gods, real live dwellers on Olympus, flaming Joves to poor mortal Semeles.

At the extremity of the Taurus is Olympus a mountain,251 the piratical hold of Zenicetus, and a fortress of the same name.

The name of the promontory is Olympus, and upon it is a temple of Venus Acræa, not to be approached nor seen by women.

She held herself as straight as a young poplar and she walked the earth as though she had come straight from Olympus.


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