/ (ˈɒmədɑːn) /

  1. Irish a foolish man or boy

Origin of omadhaun

C19: from Irish Gaelic amadán

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How to use omadhaun in a sentence

  • Why, don't ye see, ye omadhaun, didn't that same mimber av the family wurrk on Sixty-second Street?

    Step Lively! | George Niblo
  • Why, to lave me stuck here like a post, and to go off wid that omadhaun Pether.

    The Bunsby papers | John Brougham
  • And what was it the omadhaun did, but challenge the whole box and dice of the fairies to beat him at playing the pipes.

    Bits of Blarney | R. Shelton Mackenzie
  • No gang of men ever picked me for an omadhaun in the morning but found out they were mistaken before night.

    Sonnie-Boy's People | James B. Connolly
  • Dont ye say, the omadhaun sthripped it off so that he could swim better.