or on-board

[ on-bawrd, awn- ]

  1. provided, occurring, etc., on a vehicle: among the ship's many onboard services.

  2. installed and functional within a vehicle or electronic device: onboard computers for aircraft.

verb (used with object)Business.
  1. to assist and support (a new employee) in developing the skills, knowledge, attitudes, etc., needed to do their job.

  2. to interact and exchange information with (a new customer) so as to ensure customer satisfaction, maximize company revenue, etc.: Part of onboarding new clients involves setting expectations and timelines.

  1. to digitize and upload customer data collected offline, typically to improve the results of personalized data-driven marketing: The data we onboarded matched existing data online, providing us with better insight into the individual’s purchasing habits.

Origin of onboard

First recorded in 1965–70; adjective use of adverb phrase on board

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How to use onboard in a sentence

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Joining in or participating, as in The department head addressed the new employees, saying “Welcome on board,” or The opera company has a new vocal coach on board to help the soloists. This expression alludes to being on or in a vessel, airplane, or other vehicle. [Colloquial; second half of 1900s]

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