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on line

  1. See in line , def. 2.

  2. Actively linked to or operating a computer, as in They haven't got the printer on line yet , or Mark's been on line all morning . [Late 1900s] Also see go on , def. 9.

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Example Sentences

Photoshop, on-line image manipulators and videogamers prevail.

As Minister of Trade, he oversees TEPCO, which is attempting to put its profitable nuclear reactors back on-line.

The interview was published on-line March 10, 2:41 p.m., Japanese time.

Price runs his own MRM on-line magazine, The Spearhead, which both compliments and competes with AV4M.

After our first on-line interview, I scheduled an in-person interview with Hembling in Vancouver.

This data reduction is often more complicated and lengthy than the preliminary on-line processing referred to in (Class 1b).

On-line data-acquisition computer systems are made in a wide range of types and sizes.

We first list the main uses to which on-line computer systems have been put.

More recently, computers have been used increasingly for on-line processing.

Computers have also been shared for simultaneous on-line data-taking in low-data-rate experiments.


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