or on-board

[ on-bawrd, awn- ]


  1. provided, occurring, etc., on a vehicle:

    among the ship's many onboard services.

  2. installed and functional within a vehicle or electronic device:

    onboard computers for aircraft.

verb (used with object)

, Business.
  1. to assist and support (a new employee) in developing the skills, knowledge, attitudes, etc., needed to do their job.
  2. to interact and exchange information with (a new customer) so as to ensure customer satisfaction, maximize company revenue, etc.:

    Part of onboarding new clients involves setting expectations and timelines.

  3. to digitize and upload customer data collected offline, typically to improve the results of personalized data-driven marketing:

    The data we onboarded matched existing data online, providing us with better insight into the individual’s purchasing habits.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of onboard1

First recorded in 1965–70; adjective use of adverb phrase on board

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Example Sentences

Keeping my phone and wallet dry is a top priority when I’m on the river, and while I have a handful of different drybag options, the Sidekick finds its way onboard most often because of its versatility.

The drones don’t have any onboard cameras, navigating with GPS and sensors only, and they can fly about seven miles before needing a recharge.

In early 2019, Nreal brought onboard Xiaomi founder’s venture fund Shunwei Capital for its $15 million Series A funding.

What’s perhaps most impressive, however, is its onboard processing for neural spikes—the electrical pattern generated by neurons when they fire.

San Diego County air pollution regulators have issued three violations against the Navy for the fire onboard the USS Bonhomme Richard.

Lots of celebrities got onboard, and the campaign raised over $100 million.

But questions remain about many of the technologies onboard the new ships.

Lipper expects a diverse reaction, but she hopes to inspire not just women, but men as well to get onboard with gender equality.

But first, Skarsgard discussed how he came onboard Nymphomaniac.

We can be sure that onboard jamming has not been added to the F-35 since.

There are several now onboard the Morgiana, two of whom are petty officers, and they are found most useful hands.

The spectacle greatly increased the eagerness of all onboard the frigate to take part in the work.

Owen, from the first set to work to learn the names of all the sails and ropes, indeed of everything onboard.





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