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[ wuhn-shot ]


  1. a magazine, brochure, or the like that is published only one time, with no subsequent issues intended, usually containing articles and photographs devoted to one topical subject.
  2. a single appearance by a performer, as in a play, motion picture, or television program.
  3. a close-up camera shot of one person.
  4. something occurring, done, used, etc., only once.


  1. occurring, done, etc., only once.
  2. achieved or accomplished with a single try:

    a one-shot solution.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of one-shot1

First recorded in 1905–10

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Example Sentences

One-shot holiday needs can also lead to yearlong sustainable relationships.

Each one speaks alone and directly to the camera, shown exclusively in a one-shot.

I am going to sit down with a lawyer to go over my case and the application, since this is only a one-shot deal.

Sanctions and saber-rattling alone were never going to do the trick, nor would periodic efforts at one-shot diplomacy.

Even worse, the stimulus legislation, predictably, proved to be a one-shot wonder.

The seventh is good, calling for a most accurate second, and the eleventh is the finest one-shot hole to be found anywhere.

There was still one chance, worse than the thousand-to-one shot; but it was the only one.

Then comes the third before mentioned, which is a one-shot hole.

It's a million-to-one shot, but you've got to bear it in mind.

You can't stop a man with this here little twenty-two, an' it's only a one-shot at that.


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