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[ on-lahyn dik-shuh-ner-ee, awn-lahyn ]
/ ˈɒnˌlaɪn ˈdɪk ʃəˌnɛr i, ˈɔnˌlaɪn /
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noun, plural on·line dic·tion·ar·ies.
a dictionary that is available on the internet or World Wide Web and accessed through a web browser using a computer or a mobile device, primarily by typing a query term into a search box on the site. Online dictionaries like Dictionary.com offer immediate, direct access through large databases to a word's spelling and meanings, plus a host of ancillary information, including its variant spellings, pronunciation, inflected forms, origin, and derived forms, as well as supplementary notes on matters of interest or concern about how the word is used.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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First recorded in 1975–80

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